"What Jinjo?" ~ Heggy the HenEdit


Purple, Yellow, and Green Jinjos

Well Heggy, Jinjos are small, teddybear-like creatures that live in Jinjo Village. They worship King Jingaling, a yellowish Jinjo about 3 times the size of a regular Jinjo. When Grunty's sisters, Mingella and Blobbelda, came plowing through Jinjo Village in their giant digger machine, Hag 1, on the way to Spiral Mountain, they plowed right through the Grey Jinjo Family House! Therefore, the Grey Jinjos do not make an appearence in the game. When Hag 1 came through, all the Jinjos in all of the remaining Jinjo families were scared off, and are hiding all over Isle o Hags. There are 9 Jinjo families for Banjo and Kazooie to reunite, and each family reunited thanks the duo with a Jiggy. Here is a list of all the Jinjo families and how many members there are:

White: 1 member

Orange: 2 members

Yellow: 3 members

Brown: 4 members

Green: 5 members

Red: 6 members

Blue: 7 members

Purple: 8 members

Black: 9 members

Grey: The Grey Jinjo family was presumed to have 10 members, as it was the tenth house, but now it has 0 members, so it goes before the White Jinjo family, ha ha!


  • Jinjos are seem to be smarter than they appear, as they have the ability to fly and also have other magical powers.
  • If the Grey Jinjo family had not been wiped out, there would be 91 Jiggies in the game, which is an odd number to end a game with.